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BAAM Couture
BAAM Couture
BAAM Couture produces unique unisex clothing creations made from 100% recycled materials. We are on a green mission. We want to stop materials that were destined for landfills and/or thrift stores before they got there. The circular economy in the clothing sector is already overflowing on several levels. BAAM Couture aims to bring an artistic and original way to our unrealistic consumption habits. Our creations offer the possibility of taking a stand for the environment in a sartorial way in a flamboyant approach. Our ample sizes are also inclusive for all types of morphologies. baamcouture.com

Address : 320, rue Hébert
City : Sherbrooke
Province : Québec
Email : contact@baamcouture.com
Phone : 819-679-7912
Web site : www.baamcouture.com/
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