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Ateliers Multi-Arts
Ateliers Multi-Arts
Passionate about recycling, I have made an art of it! I like to intercept the contents of the bins before they land in the blue bin and transform my finds into useful objects. For several years, I have focused my energy and my time on specializing in upgrading. Any obsolete material and / or good to throw, for some, represents for me an excellent opportunity of transformation for a second useful life and to become a masterpiece! I'm excited to show you that waste can open the door to a cleaner and more responsible world through projects of great utility! I am also an ambassador for the 1000Tonnes mission and I have products to sell.

Address : 1960, rue des Patriotes , app 1
City : Laval
Province : Québec
Email : mariesoleilbergeronturcot@gmail.com
Phone : 514 706-4282
Web site : multi-art3.wixsite.com/ateliersmultiarts
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