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Action climat Outaouais (ACO)
Action climat Outaouais (ACO)
Initially named STOP Oléoduc Outaouais, Action Climat Outaouais (ACO) was founded in April 2016. ACO has given itself the mission of promoting the fight against climate change by raising awareness and mobilizing the population and decision-makers on the causes and the effects of these changes, to demand that governments provide citizens with the information they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, to demand that governments guarantee the right of all Quebec citizens to healthy environment, and be accountable for it.

Address : 47, rue Bernier
City : Gatineau
Province : Québec
Email : actionclimatoutaouais@gmail.com
Phone : 819 778-0147
Web site : actionclimatoutaouais.org
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