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Jacqueline Samaniego

Jacqueline Samaniego is a fashion designer and entrepreneur from Quebec. She is the designer who brings the art of clothing into the real life of women who want to wear quality and good taste every day.

Carbon Living

At Carbon Living we create natural energy products based on the C60 molecule to help you transform your life ❤ Because, among other things, it neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals such as electromagnetic waves. C60 is naturally contained in the shungite stone that we use in all our products to increase their benefits. In fact, in 2021, Forbes Magazine called it the anti-aging molecule for the future. Since everything is frequency, energy and vibration, Carbon Living offers you a C60 lifestyle with: - jewelry with different stones and benefits - organic and vegan skin care - teas and herbal teas with medicinal plants and adaptogens - accessories to help you ground yourself and meditate All this with the C60 molecule!

Fabrique Trél

Inspired by the outdoors, a small family-owned business decided to embark on a journey to formulate and carefully craft body and hair care products: soaps, serums, shampoo, conditioning bars and solid lotion bars using organic ingredients. Trél offers less packaging, reusable and biodegradable containers.

Academie Herb’Holiste

We are a naturotherapy school specializing in herbalism, aromatherapy, floral therapy, naturopathy and global health. We also offer courses in organic cultivation of medicinal plants, identification of plants in nature, botany... We have 27 years of experience and offer various course formats: online (via Teams), in class, outdoors and by correspondence with tutoring. We train therapists, apothecaries and manufacturers of natural products (12 diplomas and 15 certifications).

Groupe PureSphera Inc.

RepairYourFridge recycles and sells replacement parts for refrigerators By buying a recycled fridge part from our online workshop, you encourage the local economy and you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint while participating in the circular economy. We are a division of PureSphera Group, which has reduced greenhouse gas emissions with its clean technologies by dismantling refrigerated appliances since 2008. That's the reason we have access to thousands of refrigerator parts in stock, even those that manufacturers no longer have available.

Néo Chips

Neo Chips are the new crunchy and nutritious fruit chips that come to the rescue of thousands of pineapples abandoned in our grocery stores!


The Rechargeable Deodorant Applicator Say goodbye to single-use deodorants with our innovative design, proudly crafted in Quebec. It's user-friendly and eco-conscious. The refills available for the Kiima applicator are skin-friendly, containing only safe ingredients from nature. Our product comes in a compact, recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free cardboard packaging. The applicator is easy to refill and compatible with our certified partners' vegan and biodegradable deodorants. At Kiima, our mission is to drastically reduce waste by reimagining everyday items that harm our environment.


A true online grocery store, Maturin, exclusively offers food from more than 450 farms and food processors in Quebec. Sales are made without intermediaries and delivery is directly to your door anywhere across the province. The family business allows farmers and food processors in Quebec to sell online, without having to pay the large sums necessary for the creation of a website, the management of a warehouse and delivery services throughout Quebec.

The Barnhouse Factory

Barn House Factory is a Quebec-based company of candles, room mists, soaps and scrubs. Our products are designed with respect for the environment and health in mind, and are of the highest quality. We care deeply about the future of our planet and future generations. That's why we do our utmost to ensure that our ecological footprint is as small as possible, while taking care to choose non-harmful products. Our wax is non-toxic and from renewable sources. Our fragrances are also free of toxins and chemicals. We use fragrances that are free of carcinogens, reproductive toxins and other chemicals. Fragrances are vegan and not tested on animals.

L’Association du Marais-de-la-Rivière-aux-Cerises

We are a conservation and awareness organization, and manage a marshland of over 180 hectares.
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