Energetic Efficiency

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In recent years, companies are reviewing their purchasing policies, deploy training and adopting energy efficiency programs to adopt a more responsible approach.

These initiatives have a major financial impact but also social and environmental.

Browse this section to learn more about the benefits arising from the implementation of sustainable development in business and how to start your approach.

Sustainable Development

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  • Green Heating: to replace its oil heating system with a system powered by a renewable energy
  • Rénoclimat: to renovate and improve the energy performance of their dwelling
  • Novoclimat 2.0: New homes, Novoclimat 2.0 certified !
  • Econologis: free services to improve the energy efficiency of their home

Transport electrification

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  • Roulez électrique: Up to $ 8,000 rebate when buying or renting an electric vehicle
  • Branché au travail: Up to $ 2,500 in financial assistance for the purchase and installation of a recharge station in the workplace
  • Circuit électrique: An efficient and efficient charging infrastructure on our roads
  • Écocamionnage: Up to $ 75,000 for the purchase of an electric heavy vehicle