ECOSPHERE’s mission is to provide information and raise awareness on the many environmental challenges we collectively face, while offering sustainable solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. The goal of this largest environmental event in Quebec is to create a place where people come together and share, and to showcase alternative products, services, organizations and technologies that improve our health and that of the planet. Together, we can change the world!

ECOSPHERE is the largest environmental fair in Quebec, now with 3 locations. It has been held for 12 years in the Eastern Township but for 2 years in Magog, 6 years in Montreal and 2 years in Quebec City.

As a non-profit organization, our funding in entirely based on sponsorship and donations.


1- $50 donation (up to $149): one entrance to the 2017 Magog Fair and to the cocktail with speakers and lecturers.
2-$100 donation: one entrance to the fair and to the cocktail with speakers and lecturer, and a reservation for La Soirée des Sages in Quebec 2017, Magog 2017 and Montreal 2017.

Payment methods :
– Online using PayPal (coming soon)
– Cheque made out to Project ECOSPHERE and mailed to:
12A, Principale South, Sutton, QC, J0E 2K0

Thank you for helping us ensure the survival of this great event! To make a donation online, simply click the “Donate” button below.