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Communication Guide – ECOSPHERE Partners
Communication Guide – ECOSPHERE Partners

Thank you dear partners for your precious support!

Here is a guide for your publications on the Green Tech Festival

Feel free to download one or more of the visuals below to illustrate your publications (right click on your mouse and Save the image as).

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General information

Dates: The two events will be held together from April 19 to 21, 2024.

Locations: The Green Tech Festival will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

Content: The Festival will feature exhibitor booths as well as conferences on various topics such as renewable energy, biofuels, bio-based materials, sustainable mobility, eco-design, circular economy and much more.

The Virtual Fair will broadcast a selection of the best moments of the festival, such as the high-level conferences and will be presented in collaboration with Earth Day.

Example of a publication

We invite you to copy or use this text as inspiration for your publications on the Green Tech Festival or the Virtual Fair:

More than 32,000 visitors are expected to attend the Green Tech Festival at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, April 19-21! An event in collaboration with the Electric Vehicle Show, which will highlight advances in the field of clean technologies.
In the spotlight :
– Renewable energies
– Green building
– Sustainable mobility
– Ecodesign
– Circular economy and much more!
The festival will bring together:
➡ business leaders,
➡ organizations and NPOs in energy transition,
➡ as well as major players in innovation.
Entrepreneurs in the field of green technologies?
You have until April 1, 2024 to register as an exhibitor or speaker!
To register ➡ https://foireecosphere.org/le-festival-des-technologies…/
For more details ➡ https://foireecosphere.org/event/montreal/

Our logos

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Our partners

The entire ECOSPHERE team thanks you for your support in promoting our events that aim to accelerate the ecological transition of our communities. 🙏🌿

It is partly thanks to you that we succeed in gathering citizens and entrepreneurs around the issues of the ecological crisis to find, together, solutions for a greener world. 👥

Welcome to ECOSPHERE fair !
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