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Become an exhibitor

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Eco-responsibility is at the center of your activities and you wish to transmit this value to as many people as possible?


Why become an exhibitor?

ECOSPHERE fairs are annual events that are greatly appreciated by citizens who are aware of their environmental impact. Companies such as yours, whose activities support the ecological transition in one way or another, will certainly be able to benefit from this event and gain a good reputation.

The return year after year of 70% of the exhibitors testifies to the business benefits and profitability of our events.

7 reasons to become an exhibitor

Taking part in an important cause: the ecological transition

Quite simply the largest environmental gathering in Quebec. By participating in the fair, you can take part in your community’s ecological transition by sharing your knowledge, know-how and concrete solutions to everyday challenges.

Benefit from an incredible visibility

The National sponsorship and visibility plan available to partners and exhibitors is very comprehensive and allows you to be exposed to tens of thousands of people interested in your products and services, through various media (print, web, radio and display).

Reach out to your community through media coverage

With the $30,000  advertising budget for all of our fairs, we will have over  1,800,000 impressions on and

Join thousands of ecoconsumers

Trade show visitors are informed consumers looking for products and services that have a low environmental impact. At an ECOSPHERE fair, you will meet at your booth 5,000 to 20,000 people who are curious to learn more about your offer and are looking for concrete solutions to reduce their ecological footprint. Converting visits into sales is within your reach!

54 % Women

46 % Men

9 % 18 years and under

22 % 19 – 34 years

34 % 35 – 49 years

21 % 50 – 64 years

14 % 65 years and over

Key result : On average over the four fairs in a year, over $2,500,000 in sales per fair for all the exhibitors in a fair!

Get discovered in new markets

The notoriety and theinterest generated by our inspirational speakers generates many spin-offs for all the exhibitors of our fairs in addition to broadening the pool of visitors from various sectors of activity.

Create business partnerships with other ECOentrepreneurs like yourself

The fair is a place to meet and exchange, not only with visitors, but also between the various exhibitors present on the site. It is an opportunity for you to create links with other entrepreneurs who complement your offer.

Partner with a proven organization

For more than 15 years, the glowing comments from exhibitors, speakers and visitors to this renowned annual event have been a testament to our ability to offer you an outstanding eventwith a festive and friendly atmosphere.

Become an exhibitor

Together we can change the world

In numbers

Thank you to those who make the 4 Ecosphere faires and the Green Tech Festival possible!


Exhibitor categories

Ecological agriculture & permaculture

Pesticide-free, organic, urban and bio-intensive agriculture…

Arts, Culture, Recreation and Outdoors

Eco-friendly art supplies companies, nature museums/galleries, artists with eco-friendly practices, eco-friendly tourism activities, travel agencies…
Arts, Culture, Recreation and Outdoors

Eco-responsible design

Accessories, jewelry, furniture, crafts; made of recycled and reused materials, sustainable, DIY…

Mini-houses, healthy housing and eco-construction

Self-sufficient houses in energy, water and food of the ‘earthship’ type, in straw, in hemp, mini-houses on foundation, micro-houses on wheels, self-construction, ecological construction; radiant floor, mass fireplace, green roof; biomaterials, eco-products, sustainable materials; passive solar house, intelligent…

Green Technologies

Renewable energies, geothermal energy, wind turbines, solar panels, biomethanization; energy autonomy, zero emission, CO2 reduction…

Fair Trade

Fair trade food and products; distributors and international trade…

Healthy food

Organic, vegetarian, vegan, raw, fair trade, local…

Beauty and personnal care

Cosmetics, body products, made of natural, vegetable, local ingredients, without chemicals or plastic…

Eco-responsible fashion

Clothing and accessories made from recycled materials, organic textiles, natural fibers and dyes…

Carbon offset

Consulting firms for carbon footprint calculation, carbon offsetting through afforestation (tree planting)…

Ecological transition

Mobilization, citizen movements, volunteer involvement; carbon footprint, GHG offsetting; eco-neighborhoods, feeder municipalities; government policies, subsidies, funding…

Resources and Networks

Land protection and nature conservation; media; government and community organizations; NPOs and environmental citizen groups…

Food autonomy

Vegetable gardens, indoor gardens, greenhouses, community gardens, sprouting, no waste…

Healthy lifestyle

Alternative and complementary medicine, herbal medicine; vitamins and supplements, plants, essential oils, natural products, therapeutics; healthy lifestyle, balance…

Zero waste

Bulk, no packaging; compostable materials, plastic-free packaging and containers…

Sustainable mobility

Electric and hybrid vehicles; carpooling, park-and-ride lots, public transit; bicycles, bike paths…

Social economy

Solidarity, circular, local, sharing economy; NPOs, cooperatives, public utility trusts…

Beware of fraud

CIf you are an exhibitor, be on the lookout for certain companies that may solicit you in connection with your participation in ECOSPHERE Fair events.

International Fairs Directory, Connect Publisher and ExpoGuide periodically contact exhibitors at various fairs in America and Europe to offer visibility in their guides.

BE CAREFUL, it is NOT FREE! It is written in the small print that the subscriber commits to paying a sum of about 1,200 euros/year for 3 years.

The association of ECOSPHERE and its events has not been solicited, validated or approved. No agreement has been given, nor has any information or data been passed on to these companies. They may have retrieved it from the public domain, in particular via the online list of exhibitors as well as those from previous years when they were posted.

Thank you for your vigilance and understanding.

Welcome to Ecosphere !

Together we can change the world