Help us drive our message on battery recycling!

Founded in 1994, Call2Recycle—North America’s first and largest battery stewardship program—is a non-profit organization that collects and recycles household batteries. Consumers are urged to stop accumulating dead batteries in their homes.Batteries contain valuable materials from plastic to metal alloys. So instead of collecting dust in the home, they can be recycled responsibly to create popular products such as golf clubs, silverware and even new batteries.This organization aims to have an even greater impact during Waste Reduction Week. Call2Recycle Canada will intensify its efforts across the country, rewarding Canadians who keep the most batteries away from landfills and finding local Recycling Heroes who are serious about waste disposal (details below).Call2Recycle Canada manages collection sites at retailers, municipalities and other locations with dedicated resources and materials. The idea is to keep the largest possible amount of dead batteries away from landfills, and spreading the word is the way to do it. For example, teaching responsible recycling to kids at a young age can often influence their behaviour throughout their lives. To increase awareness, Call2Recycle Canada has partnered with various organizations for children, such as EcoKids EARTH DAY CANADA with special contests last spring and summer.
We wish to encourage your members to bring their dead batteries to one of the 7000 Call2Recycle collection sites across the country, including retailers like Staples and Home Depot.Call2Recycle will be happy to make presentations on specific topics and is always looking for partnerships with organizations that share the same vision. To learn more, please visit our