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ECOSPHERE announces its first face-to-face event since the pandemic crisis : The Green Tech Festival

It is with great enthusiasm that the ECOSPHERE team announces the very first edition of the Green Tech Festival, presented in collaboration with the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show. This event will bring together a host of green experts and companies under one roof at the Olympic Stadium.


In order to attract a wider range of visitors, ECOSPHERE will simultaneously host a virtual fair featuring highlights from the festival and the Earth Day conferences, which is also partnering with ECOSPHERE for the virtual portion of the event. The festival and the virtual fair will take place from April 22 to 24, 2022.


The first day of the festival will be dedicated to business and industry. It will offer an exclusive networking platform for entrepreneurs and will allow them to seize business opportunities by benefiting from the presence of several organizations in ecological transition, such as Partenariat Climat Montréal and Énergie Solaire Québec. Quebec’s Chief Innovator and strategic advisor to the Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation, Luc Sirois, will join this special day of networking among entrepreneurs. Several conferences and panels of experts will animate this industry day, including a panel on green hydrogen. More details to come soon!


A hybrid format to reach a wider audience

This large-scale event will adopt a hybrid format, i.e. it will be presented both in presidential and virtual mode. The virtual broadcast will present conferences and workshops on the web whose purpose will be complementary to that of the presidential festival; to introduce the spectators, who will not have the possibility of travelling to attend the event on site, to the numerous possibilities offered today by the green technology industry.


A collaboration that will make innovation shine

Certainly a collaboration not to be missed between the Electric Vehicle Show, Earth Day and ECOSPHERE, the Green Tech Festival will be an opportunity for the general public as well as the entrepreneurs to discover new concepts or to deepen their knowledge through the many booths presenting advances in renewable energies, biofuels, bio sourced materials, carbon capture techniques, circular ecenomy, agritech, etc. A mini-house for people with reduced mobility and their caregivers, designed by miNid and Atelier du VR RM, will also be on site and open to visitors. Friday the 22nd will be a day dedicated to businesses and industries that will offer an exclusive networking platform for the business community. Entrepreneurs will be able to seize business opportunities by benefiting from the presence of several organizations involved in ecological transition, such as accelerators for companies wishing to reduce their GHG emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality.


Several organizations highly involved in the ecological transition are invited to the festival, such as eco-business accelarators and incubators, green technology manufacturers, research, testing and certification centers, engineering firms, public and private funders, etc. More than 30,000 visitors are expected to attend this large-scale event, in addition to spectators who will take part in the festival remotely through the virtual fair.




Since 2006, ECOSPHERE has been organizing the most important environmental fairs for the general public in Quebec, with approximately 130 exhibitors and 30 conferences per edition. The non-profit organization brings together exhibitors as well as high-calibre speakers who share knowledge and know-how in various fields, such as green building, green technologies, organic food, electric vehicles and health. Several thousand visitors curious to learn more about the ecological transition gather here every year.


So far, we are proud to announce that we have presented more than 900 conferences from experts in various environmental fields since 2006.


ECOSPHERE brings together in one event a maximum of local and international actors exchanging on the many ways to reduce the collective ecological footprint. We sincerely believe that the ECOSPHERE experience projects a strong positive wind on communities by bringing together a host of actors of the environmental scene towards a common goal: the acceleration of the movement towards a carbon neutral society.

Welcome to ECOSPHERE fair !
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