Bobby Ilg: Nature is the Gold Standard

Scène principale, samedi 15 juin 2019, 11h

Cette conférence sera donnée en anglais

Bobby Ilg is currently the president and principal architect at ILG and ILG Inc. (soon to be Be Well Architecture Inc.).  Bobby has extensive professional architectural experience, which includes a wide range of projects in commercial, residential, and institutional settings.  He has performed under the supervision of several production teams on projects, and is currently the architect on record for his firm’s current projects.  Bobby’s architectural emphasis is the health and ecology of buildings, focusing on natural building systems and the related occupant health.

Bobby is also a part-time professor at Algonquin College in the Bachelor of Interior Design Degree program.  The professors in the Interior Design program at Algonquin College are in the process of integrating and teaching Building-Biology principles to their students.  The primary Building-Biology principles being integrated are related to the health of occupants in the various interior spaces.

Bobby is a co-founder of Build Wise, a natural prefabrication company, focusing on clay and straw/fibre building systems.  The building methods established in the prefabrication of clay and straw wall panels are currently being used in the production of Bobby and Elizabeth’s residence in Ottawa, Ontario.  The Ilg / Saikali residence is being completed in collaboration with EcoNest (Robert Laporte and Paula Baker-Laporte).  These clay and straw prefabrication building techniques evolved from EcoNest’s extensive experience and history of building with clay and straw, and the necessity created by the site restrictions of urban construction.  The Ilg / Saikali residence is also the first clay and straw building in the City of Ottawa, and is a prototype for the numerous prefabricated clay and straw buildings to come.

ILG and ILG Inc. is an Ottawa based Architecture and Interior Design firm, specializing in Healthy and Natural Buildings. They are currently in the process of building the first Clay and Straw (EcoNest) natural house in the central core of Ottawa. The principal architect is in the process of becoming a Building Biologist, and is a part-time professor in the Interior Design program at Algonquin College.

Bobby Ilg explores Building Biology design principles for occupant and ecological health through various projects and examples from his Ottawa based architectural practice.  From material selection, building envelope strategies, heating sources and optimizing for fresh air and sunlight, the Building Biology emphasis is on optimal occupant and ecological health.

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