Dr. John Molot: Health Effects of Indoor Air

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Dr. John Molot has an expertise in the health effects due to environmental factors and has focused his medical practice for more than 30 years on environmental medicine. He has written and presented a workshop for the Canadian College of Family Physicians on numerous occasions entitled, Common Chronic Illnesses and the Environment. He is a member of the Canadian Committee on Indoor Air Quality and Buildings, which is supported by the Government of Canada’s Clean Air Regulatory Agenda, the National Research Council of Canada and Health Canada, and he was appointed to the Task Force on Environmental Health by the Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. He is also the Medical Advisor for Canadians for Properly Built Homes. Dr. Molot is the author of the book, 12,000 Canaries Can’t Be Wrong: What’s Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It. The professional version, subtitled Establishing the New Era of Environmental Medicine, contains 2200 citations from the peer-reviewed medical literature.

Man-made changes to the ecosystems of our planet in the past century have not just impacted our weather systems and availability of food and water. There has also been a significant negative impact on human health due to climate change, outdoor air pollution, indoor air quality and contamination of food and water. These changes will be reviewed and their adverse effects on health patterns will be explained. In particular, indoor air pollution can have adverse effects on health. Sources of pollution include location, building design and materials, furnishings and human activity. Suggestions to reduce pollutant exposures to reduce the incidence and severity of chronic disease will be discussed.

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